Before pursuing the art of luthiery I had training in both music, art and woodworking.
I studied a 3 year full-time guitar building course at The Academy of Musical Instruments in Stockholm, Sweden. I built classical , steel-string and archtop guitars. I received my bachelor’s degree in guitar building and passed the tests with honor for my journeymans certificate as a luthier. My passion has always been with the steel-string acoustic guitar so it came naturally to me to explore it further.

I was fortunate enough to become the first apprentice under Jason Kostal at Kostal Guitars. I travelled to Phoenix, Arizona to work under Jason to learn the approach of building a modern steelstring guitar and how to voice a guitar for maximum responsivness. Jason is a highly respected luthier worldwide and the tonality of his guitars has influenced the work I do today.

The art of luthiery
I say the art of luthiery because I truly believe guitar-making to be an art form. Throughout the whole process of building a guitar I treat each object and peice of wood like it’s a peice of art.

I am currently creating 8-10 guitars annually. Each part of the guitar is made completely by hand and with simple woodworking tools to achieve perfection both tonally and aesthetically. I spend around 200+ hours working on each instrument. From start to finish the instrument is built during a period of 3-4 months. I only use the best materials available and never rush any part of the process. I am a one man shop by choice which means that I can focus on only creating the highest quality craftmanship, tone and playability.

If you are looking for a truly unique guitar please browse around the website and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any inquiries or questions.

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